Mary Kathleen Scott


Specializing in Lettering, much of my work is focused on poster, book, and postcard illustration.

My goal is to help authors, event coordinators, and small production studios visually convey the story in a beautiful and captivating illustration.

Event Poster


Poster & Notebooks
Book Cover
Greeting Card
Greeting Card
Greeting Card

My Process

I specialize in lettering and have a deep love for what can be done with letterforms and how they relate to each other. Much of my work has a vintage feel with natural textures, softer hues and deep contrast. I work with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop but first my ideas are always flushed out on paper.

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About Me

I’m an artist and illustrator specializing in lettering. I draw and create for the love of the process and it’s how I best communicate ideas. Because words can be hard to find.  I’m also a fine artist and you can see my work over at Breadcrumbs Studio. Of course these things drive my love for coffee. Lots of coffee. And I always take mine black.

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