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I welcome collaborations, licensing, and commissions

I welcome collaborations, licensing, and commissions

my process

I specialize in lettering and have a deep love for what can be done with letterforms and how they relate to each other. Much of my work has a vintage feel with natural textures, softer hues and deep contrast. I work with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop but first my ideas are always flushed out on paper.

I can’t get started without you though. Once I hear from you, I reach out and we discuss everything you need, your vision, your timeline, and ideas we may use. Once we’ve agreed on how to move forward, I get to work.

Often, I’ll produce my first drafts as pencil sketches and will show you a finalized sketch. I invite any feedback you have and once we agree on changes I move forward with creating the final piece. I can’t wait to share your vision and story.

To get started in the process, contact me.


Let's work together

I welcome commissions and licensing and will work with you to get the art that fulfills your vision.

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