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Mary Kathleen Scott

My Story

About Mary Kathleen Scott

I’m an artist and illustrator specializing in lettering. I draw and create for the love of the process and it’s how I best communicate ideas. Because words can be hard to find. 

I have a love for lettering and book and stationery stores, so naturally I love working with clients that intersect with these loves. I love the challenge of pulling out themes in story and translating those themes to a visual representation. And I believe in the tangible magic of stationery, books, and posters.


To create art that tells a story or communicates a message.


To translate stories and messages into visual works that draw others in and communicate a vision they want to be a part of.

Cultivate Personal Project
Cultivate Personal Project
Book Cover
Greeting Card

My process

Tools: Pencil, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

I specialize in lettering and have a deep love for what can be done with letterforms and how they relate to each other. Much of my work has a vintage feel with natural textures, softer hues and deep contrast. I work with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop but first my ideas are always flushed out on paper.

My Work

Book, Magazine, Poster, & Card Lettering & Illustration

Cultivate Personal Project
Cultivate Personal Project
Pattern Illustration
Pattern Illustration

The Details

My Background

I grew up in a tiny, one stop light town in the mountains of NC. Cross country, track, reading, and art were my loves throughout high school. I continued that same combination into college at Wake Forest University. Then I started working at a stationery store where I discovered a new world and fell in love. I never knew both art and stationery or books could be combined until much later. Somewhere along the way though I let go of the art.
Instead I made my way into teaching high school history near Charlotte. With the birth of my second daughter my husband and I decided I would stay home with both our girls and there I began to make my way back to art. Starting in 2012 I began to teach myself photography, branding, and website design. I grew a product photography and branding business that included website and logo design.
In 2017, I gave it all up and for the next two years I helped my husband build up his landscaping business until I got the feeling it was time to return to art. I quit working for my husband full time, but instead of photography I went back to what I loved in college, charcoal, pens, and pencils. While I love photography and product photography has elements of story in it, I found more depth, themes, and story to the world of drawing. Here I found I could express deeper messages and stories. And in those stories, I found my purpose. To visually communicate in beautiful ways themes rich with life that resonate with others.
By the way, I still run, though not competitively. I love to read, especially the classics and modern classics. I’m also a fine artist and you can see my work over at Breadcrumbs Studio.

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